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Early Days In Germany

These first series of photos date from the early days (and I mean EARLY), 1977 to 1979. Stationed in West Germany with the Air Force. Started out with a PAiA 4700S modular synthesizer, Les Paul Custom and SG deluxe guitars, TEAC 3340-S 4 track recorder, SM 57 mics, and a a Mesa Boogie Super 60 amp.


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The Les Paul goes through an Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress flanger into the Mesa Boogie.

synth and 4 track


The PAiA synth sits on an open dresser drawer. Next to it is the
TEAC 4 track. Atop the TEAC is a switchbox used to switch between the 4 track and 2 track inputs and outputs.
Historical note- Just above the PAiA's upper left edge is a Harman Kardon Rabco ST-7 linear turntable. Big time cool factor!



One of the modules on the PAiA is a 4x2 line mixer. Talk about simple! Each channel has volume and pan controls. No sends, no inserts, no fancy eq. Here it's used to mix down from the 4 track to a Revox A77 2
2 track, via an MXR stereo graphic equalizer.




I hadn't gotten around to picking up any mic stands yet, hence the guitar-stand-as-mic-stand. Don't remember what the box on the amp was. A preamp? Some sort of filter? A Cry Baby wah-wah pedal sits nearby.


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