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electronic music

Studio & Gear

Crutch Recorders is the home base of 80 lb. Test. The studio started life with a TEAC A-3340S 4 track, Revox A77 2 track, Paia 4700S synth, and a couple of Shure SM 57s (yeah, it was the end of the 70s). As the 70s stumbled into the 80s, a mixer was built, and a Roland Space Echo and Paia Stringz n Thingz were added. Later came a Tascam Model 38 8 track, various synths, boxes, guitars, etc.

SO - here's where we are now.

Boards, Audio Interfaces - Steinberg UR 242, Alesis Firewire Multimix 12.
- KRK V6, KRK Rockit 10 subwoofer, JBL 4312 (monitor emeritus).

Controllers and Switchers
- Mackie Control Univeral, Peavey 1600x, M-Audio Trigger Finger, OSP DD-502 digital drum, Lexicon MRC, JL Cooper MSB 16/20, Digital Music MX-8.

- Mid-2010 Mac Pro w/ 2 2.4Ghz Quad-core Xenon processors & 8 GB RAM, Logig 10, Tascam Model 38 8 track, TEAC A-3340S 4 track, Revox A-77 2 track (UPDATE - All of the analog decks bit the big one since the original list; but since I still got 'em, I'm listing 'em)

- Ensoniq EPS, EMU E IV, Ensoniq Mirage R, Power Mac 7100 with Samplecell II.

Synths and Keys
- Moog- Minimoog, Mother 32, Theremini, Moogerfooger CP-251. Korg - MS 20 controller, ARP Odyssey tabletop, Volca Keys, Monotron, M1-R. Roland - SH 2000, GR-33 guitar synth, JX-03, A-01 w/ K-25m, SCI Pro One, Alesis Photon X25,Samson Graphite 49, Formanta Polivoks, Red Sound Darkstar, Yamaha TX 81Z, ARP Sequencer, PAiA 4700S, various homebuilt modules.

Soft Synths
- Arturia V Collection 5, Korg Analog Legacy Collection,
M-tron, PPG Wave 2.2, iPad w/ assorted synths.

Effects - Roland RE 201 Space Echo, SDE 1000 Digital Delay, SVC 350 Vocoder, Ibanez HD1000 Harmonics/Delay, Lexicon LXP1, Digitech Time Machine.

- Ibanez MSP1000 Compressor/EQ/Filter, BBE Sonic Maximizer, dbx 262 dual comp/limiter.

- Blue Bluebird, Shure SM-57 (3).

Guitars and Amps
- Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, Fender Telecaster, Mustang, Ibanez Acoustic/Electric, Hofner Beatle Bass, lap steel, Kay K503A, Line 6 POD V2, several loopers and stomp boxes.